My name is Drew Hopley and first and foremost I am the Father to Henry John, Jack Andrew and husband to Jennifer Marie.  Selling Real Estate, while building a Real Estate team/business, has been the culmination of a life of sales and service and afforded my family the opportunity to "live the life we imagine." For the past ten years, I have had the privilege of helping families with the single most important financial decision of their lives: buying and selling their homes. For the past three years, our Real Estate team has consistently sold over 100 homes a year, making us one of the top teams in DC Metro Region.

Despite this "success" or "achievement" in the eyes of others, I have been left wanting more. Out of college at James Madison University, I worked with vulnerable and underserved youth at a Group Home in Bethesda, MD. Serving them, depsite their challenges, was some of the most fulfilling and rewarding work of my life. I only wish, looking back, that I understood and was living the Quantum Leap principles at that moment in time. Could I have created amazing breakthroughs for those youth with this material?

This is my mission. This is my why. To empower others and create tremendous breakthroughs for my QL participants. 

Let's get to work! 

Living the life we imagine,