My name is Nicole Lasocki and I'm from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As an avid learner I'm always looking to grow and be better than I was yesterday. Life is meant to be lived and experienced. After graduating from college in Wisconsin I dreamed of warmer weather and a BIGGER life. I stayed curious and always showed up, no matter how scary things felt. As a result, I spent 10 yrs working with the worlds largest entertainment company - DISNEY! My biggest accomplishement to date is being a facilitator at Disney University to teach cast members how to find the magic within themselves to deliver to our Guests day after day. As a natural connector, now I get to change your mindset to learn how you can deliver magic and joy in your own life and live more abundantly. I am very passionate about Quantum Leap and don't teach what I don't already live or believe. These classes will take complicated and make it simple.

I started my journey in Real Estate 5yrs ago and it has been the best move I've made thus far. No matter where you are in life you are only 5yrs away from ANYWHERE you want to be! Let's discover your purpose and start thinking BIGGER!