My husband and I have two beautiful girls, one is 22 and the other is 12. The 22 year old was born with a rare facial birth defect, which resulted in her being visually impaired. She also has a trach due to severe sleep apnea. Raising both of my girls is the greatest gift I could ever have. Through my oldest and all of her needs, we have met some very influential people, both everyday people and even a few celeberties. When she was a baby, I had an oppotunity to become a certified nursing assistant. I worked as a CNA for over 18 years; 12 was critical care. When I stopped working as a CNA in 2017, I had the oppotunity to do something that I wanted for myself. I took a real estate class and in December 2017 I became a realtor. During my time with Keller Williams, I have not only learned about goals but also I have learned that despite what everyone has always told me, I can actually achieve my goals.