"Committed to living my life fully by being outstanding and empowering others to do the same"

Contribution and connecting with people is Usha's passion. She has dedicated the past 18 years as the Director of Productivity Coaching leading the Productivity Coaches for 14 Keller Williams Market Centers. Keystone Partner Group (KPG) is her team and it consists of 14 Market Centers with 2000 plus agents and one of the top teams in the nation. KPG is committed to empowering positive and lasting change in the lives of their leadership and associates and their vision is to be the dynamic multi office company of choice for business leaders seeking transformational growth and opportunity. 

Prior to her coaching and training career, Usha specialized in Residential Real Estate providing her clients with "Outstanding world class service and ensuring Minimum Hassle and Maximum Results" She and her husband Bob Wells did that by making sure their Real Estate experience was outrageous and outstanding. Usha's passionate about helping people succeed in their lives and their businesses. 

Prior to her Real Estate Career Usha practiced as a Registered Nurse in several different countries including, England, the Middle East and United States working mostly in intensive care units and again helping families to optimum health and energy. 

As a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor, Usha along with her husband built a Scuba Diving Business whilst living in Saudi Arabia and taught many students to dive and enjoy the beauty of the Red Sea. 33 years later they still enjoy scuba diving as recreational divers during some of their vacations.

Usha’s passion for learning and teaching led her to becoming a KWU Approved trainer with Keller Williams University. Usha teaches the MREA models along with some of her favorite subjects being IGNITE (Keller Williams foundational course for Real Estate Success) Customer Experience, Win with Buyers, Win with Sellers and her most favorite being Quantum Leap. In 2015 an opportunity presented where Usha had the option to become a QL Instructor certified by Gary Keller. Quantum Leap lessons had a huge impact on her life and so this was a dream come true. Usha got selected to represent the Greater PA Region as their QL Ambassador and this year invited to serve as a KWKC Board member.  Usha has taught QL to a few hundred young adults and she is passionate about personally teaching thousands and inspiring others to join in the KWKC QL community. Her vision is to inspire many Keller Williams leaders and affiliates to become instructors and share the QL lessons to serve millions of young adults who will be empowered to find their purpose and live their biggest lives.

Usha's passion for philanthropy and being active in her community has been one of her joys throughout her adult years. She has been a member of the Executive Women’s International Group and as past President, enjoyed contributing and raising funds to assist women in transition to work by providing scholarships. For the past 6 years, she spends majority of her time, sharing QL Lessons with young adults and has empowered many to apply for scholarships offered by KWKC.

Born in Zambia (formerly Northern Rhodesia in Africa) Usha has lived in several different countries, including India, England, Saudi Arabia and finally settled in America and has been here for the past 30years. Married to Bob Wells, her biggest advocate, soul mate, business partner and best friend for the past 34 years, her days are filled with much joy, bliss and gratitude. Spending quality time with her family is of great importance to her. Usha enjoys travelling, scuba diving, reading, walking, hiking and yoga.