I have been in Real Estate since 2016.  I started as a Rookie agent and excelled extremely high in my first year. In my 2nd year I took a fall and battled to get my momentum back until I appointed an assistent to assist me. 2 years later I started a team and in my first 6 months of having the Team we were nominated in the Top10 Teams and became 2nd Nationally 2 years in a row for Listings Taken. In our 2nd year we also ended up 3rd overall for Team in South Africa Nationally on GCI. In the 3rd year we were still nominated in the Top10 for Teams on Units, GCI and Listings taken. My personal growth in KW is such a great journey and I want to share it with everyone for their lives to change. At KW I believe it is not what you get but what you become and grow from there. Life is a journey not a marathon. I want to have an impact on other people's lifes.