From selling handmade crafts at fairs to being a boss babe with four companies under my belt, I'm living my best life! But don't get it twisted, this road wasn't a walk in the park. It all started with me dropping out of college at 19 and becoming a mom. I've worn many hats over the years; from supporting the Air Force, to killing it in pharmaceutical sales and real estate. Now I'm the boss lady CEO of a real estate team, while also coaching top teams at the #1 grossing Keller Williams in the world. Through my personal experiences and being coached by various business and life coaches, I've undergone some incredible transformations. And now, I'm all about giving back and sharing my knowledge and experience with others. For me, leadership is about empowering, enlightening, and holding people accountable... all with a generous sprinkle of kindness, truth, and wisdom. It's a game-changer that can transform lives both personally and professionally, while also changing the world for the better. As my kids grow into young adults, it's awesome to see them making a mark on the world. They inspire me to keep pushing forward and pouring into this next generation of powerhouses!