In the spring of 2018 I was heading into the end of my senior year of high school and I could not have felt more confused and overwhelmed about what my future would look like. My friends had all applied to, and had been accepted into, colleges all around the country. I hadn't seriously considered continuing my education once during the entirety of my senior year and I remember feeling a wave of relief wash over me when one of my Social Studies teachers had told me that I should just simply take a year off from school. I was shocked. My entire life I had been told that I HAD to get good grades, apply to colleges, and continue my education right after graduating from what felt like a grueling 4 years of high school. For once, someone told me exactly what I felt I needed to hear. 

While taking a year off after graduating high school, I spent my time producing music, spending time with friends, and working on my car. I worked part time at a ski resort in the rentals department and eventually stumbled on an opportunity to work at a used car dealership. It was the owner of the dealership that had told me I should consider skipping school all together and get my real estate license instead. His recommendation had gotten the gears in my head turning and it was at this time that I begin to do more research on how money works and had begun investing what little money I had. 

I made the decision to give college a try despite what I had been told and enrolled at my local community college to study Communication. I quickly came to the surprising realization that I actually didn't hate learning! I loved everything about my major and dove deep into the theories, spending many hours researching information for my assignments. The COVID-19 pandemic began to ramp up right at the start of my second semester though and the shift to online learning simply was not the same as my experience in person with my professors and peers. 

As the amount of free time I had increased due to classes being virtual, I decided to take action and sign up for my real estate courses. I spent the summer after my first year of college studying and in November of 2020, I passed my exam and joined Keller Williams. I dedicated specific hours of my day to my college workload, which continued to be held online due to the pandemic, and dedicated the rest of my waking hours to attending trainings, coaching classes, and learning how to build my business. 

I sold my first house in May of 2021, nearly 6 months after I was officially licensed. By the end of the year I helped 13 clients buy, sell, or invest in real estate and won the Rookie of the Year award in my market center. While working to get these sales under my belt in 2021, I also attending a virtual QL for Young Adults. I was blown away by the curriculum and felt energized and inspired. It was as though a switch had been flipped in my head. Although the material made sense to me after just one event, I quickly recoginzed that mastering the lessons being taught is going to be a life long journey. I applied for the scholarship offered to students who attend a QL event and was surprised to get an email one day saying that I had received it! 

I used the funds I received to join KWYP and to also travel down to Austin, Texas for the in-person QL Summit with Gary Keller. The experience was one of the most exciting and enlightening of my life so far. My expectations were far surpassed and upon my return, I felt this buzzing energy inside of me. The way I thought about my life had shifted, and I quickly realized that the best way for me to implement the things I learned and continue to feel that energy was to share it with those around me. 

In 2022, I tripled my business. I truly believe that one of the main reasons for this is due to the change in the way I perceive life, money, relationships, and my health. I'm excited to continue learning and working towards my mission, which is to inspire people to live meaningful, impactful, and fulfilling lives by showing them how they can evolve their way of thinking about life, money, and success.