Julie’s Bio:

We are rarely given the clearest paths in life, but finding perspective and making the changes we need to transition and transform our lives is more accessible than we often make it out to be.

My life started with many complicated twists and turns, but through endurance, patience, perseverance, faith, and the support of my family and lifelong tribes of friends, I found strength, clarity, and direction.  With a continued pursuit to improve my life, embrace change, become more self-disciplined, and live life with more intention and purpose through time, this journey has led me through many short and long cycles that have made my life less complicated, more goal-driven, and more successful.

I will say that the roads I have been down have been blessed at each turn, and I would not be where I am today if it hadn’t been for the hardships, the lessons learned, the errors I made, and the people who helped me course-correct.

I am a native Floridian, I lived in California for ten years, in Costa Rica for twelve years, and returned to Florida at the start of the pandemic in 2020.  I have been licensed in Real Estate for several years but did not start my journey with Keller Williams (KW) until my return to Florida in 2020.  However strange it may sound, my most significant positive transition came at the start of the pandemic, my return to Florida, and my phenomenal experience starting with KW.     

I dove headfirst, reading The Millionaire Real Estate Agent and the One Thing, I participated in Bold and many other KW events and training, but the idea of funding the life I wanted to live did not click until I took my first Quantum Leap (QL) class in Ocala.   Quantum Leap’s lessons are now embedded in my thinking, and my life has changed dramatically.

QL helped me focus on my “Big Why.” It helped me set precise goals, and map out my mission and vision for my life.  Everything after that became less of a task, and I found a passion for being more productive. Most importantly, QL helped me discover the internal things that held me back and focus on the moments that have propelled my life forward.  

I believe it is essential to pay the lessons of QL forward to others.  In teaching QL, I aim to inspire, help people visualize their potential, dream bigger, and guide them with these critical tools to live a more purpose-driven life. I sincerely hope you will join us in our next Quantum Leap Class!