I am full-time Real Estate Agent in Atlanta, GA

After years of winging it with raw talent and hustle, I was burning out. Working harder was no longer enough - I had to figure out how to work smarter. Thankfully the principles I needed were right under my nose. All I needed to do was slow down long enough to do some crucial soul work. The reality? I needed to dial back into who I was created to be and live a lot more purposeful.

Once I went through the Own Your Life exercises myself, things began to fall into place. I found my "lane" and it was such a relief. These QL principles have allowed me to harness my creativity, passion and strengths for maximum impact. By taking very small daily leaps of faith, I am able to stay on track for a life that will be a lot closer to my dreams and with fewer regrets.


I grew up in the Mississippi Delta and that perspective now fuels my stance and conversations against racism. As the generations before me in my family, I went to Mississippi State University and in 1984 graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering. We moved to Atlanta right after college where I worked for an apartment and motel developer evaluating raw land for new projects.

I eventually got licensed as a Professional Engineer in 1989 and worked as a consultant until 1995 when I then transitioned into residential real estate sales. After a visit to Austin, TX in 2002, I joined Keller Williams Realty to be in business with Gary Keller. That has changed my life! Who you hang out with really does matter.

By God's grace, I have been one of the top agents in my office every since year since joining KW. When I am not selling houses or with my family, I am teaching and coaching as a Certified Instructor here for KWKC with young adults and for all ages through the best selling book "The ONE Thing".