Monday, Apr 8th, 2024

Wealth Building Basics

An Interactive Personal Growth Event

About the Event

This deep dive into the basics of wealth building is designed for beginners who are interested in building wealth but are not sure where to start. We’ll explore basic tools that anyone can use to begin taking control of their financial future.

What You'll Learn

  • doneFour basic rules of money
  • doneHow to make compound interest work for you instead of against you
  • doneHow financial wealth is built

About Instructors

  • Chicago, Illinois

    2018-2020 Treasurer Board of Directors, KW Kids Can & a Founding Instructor

    Founding Member of KW Young Professionals 2014.

    I graduated from Bradley University with a Masters Degree in Accounting in 2012. Only because I didn't want to join the real world for another...

  • Orlando, Florida

    Growing up in a military family I had the privilege of moving across country multiple times.  With this privilege I also faced the adversities of grounding my roots and making plans for my immediate future.  "Why should I?  We're just going to move and live somewhere new soon." 

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    Monday, April 8, 2024
    12:00PM-1:30PM CDT
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  • people
    Audience: Ages 18-29
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    Suggested Donation: $10.00
  • info
    KWYP and KW Next Gen Present a special edition of Mastering the Basics of Money with special guest Kevin Haggerty. Open to all members of KWYP, around the world.
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