2018-2020 Treasurer Board of Directors, KW Kids Can & a Founding Instructor

Founding Member of KW Young Professionals 2014.

I graduated from Bradley University with a Masters Degree in Accounting in 2012. Only because I didn't want to join the real world for another year. Started work at a small public accounting firm in the suburbs of Chicago because "that's what I was supposed to do."I never liked my first job and didn't perform well, so I got fired after nine months. That's a good thing. I was not in a healthy mindset.

I spent the next nine months half-heartedly searching for a job, not really actively. I was not in a healthy mindset and had no desire to change. That's when the tornado struck...

November 17, 2013. Washington, IL. You remember the scene on CNN. Nothing will affect your life like the destructive force of a natural disaster. Fortunately, my family was spared. We lived outside of the destruction zone of the EF-4 Tornado. Many of my neighbors and friends were not as lucky. Immediately, I knew I had to help. Once the curfew was lifted, I grabbed my steel toe boots, jeans, North Face, and heavy duty gloves and went to help clean up. I started at friends houses and ended up at strangers who quickly became new friends.

Don't wait for a natural disaster to flip your mindset for you. What in your life will be that "A-Ha!" moment? What will it take for you to get up off the couch and go DO something?

What you think determines what you do. What you do determines who you are. I decided for myself, that from that day on, my mission is to: "Give more than you will ever recieve." And when you have been as fortunate as I have, that's a lot of giving. The material in QL: A World Changer mindet really changed my mindset and my world. Opportunities I never knew existed suddenly materialized in front of me! More people need to hear these concepts, so I intend to share them with as many people as possible.

Through what I've learned in experiencing this material and teaching it, I am now happily married, we have zero consumer debt, we're real estate investors, and we have a plan for how we want our world to look like over the next 30 years.

 Let's Go!