I am a Midwest Kansan. My husband & I own a dirt work company Armstrong Dirt Work LLC. He specializes in one thing, ponds. I am the owner of Armstrong & Co in Wichita KS.  I specialize in new builds and residential properties such as rural and luxury.  We are a family that lives the material we will share with you in QL. 

Real Estate Accomplishments: Heartland Regional Land Ambassador, Regional Tech Trainer for Oklahoma, KWRI Land TOP Hand Recipient 2020, Multiple Time ALC Member Chairing the following: KWKC, Equity, Technology & Education. Million Dollar Month, Capper, Multiple Time BOLD Grad Profit Share Recipient, Market Center Trainer, Mega Camp Presenter, KW New Homes Member, KW Commercial, KW Land, KW Leadership, Prop KW Command System and Models

I have failed forward more than most and continue as it seems to be a sport for me. We are a wild and crazy family due to our way of life.  We live big yet simple. Have fierce conversations and tackle conflict head-on.  We love to be outside, be around water, travel in our RV, and enjoy bonfires most nights the wind will allow.  I keep a positive mindset in life and embrace every opportunity I can.  You will love having me as your QL instructor!