Albert Harris is a seasoned broker at Keller Williams Realty's Amarillo Market Center, with an extensive background in real estate, tech training, and instruction. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Albert has been instrumental in guiding and shaping the real estate landscape in Amarillo, Texas.

Prior to his successful career in real estate, Albert pursued a degree in chemical engineering at the University of Arkansas, where he also showcased his talent on the football field. Following his graduation, Albert spent 12 years honing his skills at a major oil company before transitioning to a career in real estate alongside his wife, Lisa.

As an advocate for personal development and growth, Albert has been deeply involved in the Quantum Leap personal development program for young adults under 30. He firmly believes in the program's ability to guide individuals in discovering their true selves before making important life decisions. Albert's own experience with the Quantum Leap program has fueled his passion for helping others navigate their own paths to self-discovery and personal fulfillment. His dedication to empowering individuals through the program has made him a respected and influential figure in the Amarillo community.