I am Juana Jasso, a seasoned real estate professional with over 6 years of experience in the industry. But my journey goes beyond buying and selling properties; it's about empowering lives through both positivity and mindset transformation.

In 2022, my life took a remarkable turn when I encountered Quantum Leap, a life-changing program that opened my eyes to new possibilities. It completely transformed my path and set me on a trajectory towards success that I could have never anticipated before. The impact was so profound that in 2023, I took the leap again and attended the Quantum Leap program in person, with none other than the real estate legend --> Gary Keller. The experience inspired me to share the magic of Quantum Leap with others. I realized that everyone deserves their defining moments, just as I had experienced. My mission now is to ignite that spark in others' lives, helping them break through barriers and unlock their true potential. I blend my expertise in real estate with my profound knowledge of motivation and mindset to empower others to achieve their dreams and lead extraordinary lives. Teaching Quantum Leap is a piece of this for me!

At home, I am a mother and avid reader. I love all things Simon Sinek, Brianna Wiest, and Tony Robbins.

At work, I own and operate an evergrowing Real Estate team with Keller Williams in Kernersville, NC. The team I have built is a huge proponent of why I have the ability to teach Quantum Leap. They are the real MVPs!

Through my unique combination of real estate expertise, passion for teaching, and dedication to self-improvement, I am on a mission to inspire and uplift others, making a profound difference in the lives I touch. Teaching Quantum Leap is a huge piece of this to me!