My name is Brittany Whinery and I'm from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am a self employed human, who not so long ago did not believe in myself or my future.  A very few, short years ago I was confused on where to go or what I should be doing. Unsure if i should follow down my parents paths or follow my friends. Feeling NO motivation to do anything my heart wanted... YEP, that was me... NOW, I am a strong beliver in "Fail Forward, Go Fast and Stay Focused", all thanks to this amazing class called Quantum Leap(which I took in 2017). It was the stepping stone I needed for a total transformation. Mind, Body, Family & Business. When you Fail, you get the oppurtunity to reinvent. If I could have learned these tools at a younger age, 16, 17, or even while I was in college, the amazing things I could have done sooner AND I want that for each of you. I am so very passionate about Quantum Leap and the mindset switch from Victim to Accountability. Lets do this together!